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Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Materials needed in the student's home:

  •    an acoustic piano OR a digital piano with touch-sensitive keys and an attached pedal

  •    piano bench with risers OR adjustable chair

  •    adjustable footstool or equivalent

  •    CD player or equivalent

  •    notebook to write down lesson assignments

Suzuki Piano Studio has been providing private piano lessons in the Portland area for more than 35 years. Both Suzuki Method and Traditional piano lessons are offered. For more information about the Suzuki Method visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas website.


Lessons are available at 7929 SE Portland OR 97266 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Lessons are scheduled weekly September through June, with a two week Winter Break at Christmas and a one week Spring Break in March. Lessons in July and August are available on request.

Private lessons are 30 minutes for beginners and 45 or 60 minutes for more advanced students. Ear-training and music theory are incorporated into the lessons.​

Lessons are $32.50 per 30 minute time slot, ($48.75 per 45 minute lesson, $65.00 per 60 minute lesson). Monthly tuition is due on the first lesson of each month for that month. Invoices may be paid by check, Venmo or Zelle.

There are two Student Recitals per year. Student participation is encouraged, but not required. Other student opportunities include participation in the  Oregon Music Teacher Association Syllabus Exams and Festivals, and Suzuki Association of the Americas Summer Institutes.

Make-up lessons are available for up to 2 missed lessons per student per term. Terms are: Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (January-March), Spring (April-June). Make-up lessons are scheduled based on availability during Portland Public Schools Winter Break, Spring Break, and in the month of June. No credits are given except for lessons canceled by the teacher. 

The age of the student, as well as how much the parent is able to attend lessons and work with the student at home are important considerations in choosing between Suzuki Method or Traditional lessons.

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