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Goals and Benefits

Goals and Benefits

At Suzuki Piano Studio the focus is on providing an encouraging, enjoyable atmosphere that will stimulate the development of the students' musical abilities and personal character.

♫ Confidence
♫ Perseverance
♫ Self-esteem
♫ Concentration
♫ Self-discipline

♫ Goal Setting

♫ Proficiency on the instrument

♫ Love for making music

♫ Development of a sensitive musical ear
♫ Good posture and efficient relaxed technique
♫ Production of beautiful tone
♫ Memorization

Researchers and educators have further found that music lessons provide these benefits:​

  • Study skills

  • Self-expression

  • Creative thinking and problem-solving​

  • Improvement in mathematics

  • Development of parts of the brain involved in language and reasoning

  • Spatial intelligence (ability to perceive the world accurately and form mental pictures)

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